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Criptovaluta.it interviews Lastello: cryptocurrencies & blockchain, will & funerals!

Cryptocurrencies, will and funerals: what relationships between the blockchain and the funeral agencies? Our interview with Lastello.it!

Today begins a series of interviews that we have chosen to organize in order to try to understand how the world of cryptovalues is evolving, and what their uses could be in the near future.

Today’s appointment is with Gianluca Tursi, CEO of Lastello.it, the Italian comparator of funerals and services of funeral agencies, recently entered the panorama of blockchain. But how?

CRIPTOVALUTA.IT – Gianluca, thank you for giving us this interview. Introduce us a bit ‘your company. How did it start?

Gianluca Tursi – Lastello was founded in mid-2016 with the aim of innovating the funeral market and create the site of reference to help people make the right choice, in a simple and transparent way.

Every day, right now, more than 10,000 people search the Internet for information on services and prices of funerals, trying to make a conscious choice in a very difficult time. Lastello.it is the answer to these people.

Our goal is to create a point of contact between customers and agencies, to improve the entire market. We are convinced that modern technologies are the most useful means to promote a radical change and… we are here to ride this trend together with those – like us – who believe in innovation and change.

CRIPTOVALUTA.IT – We think they are very good assumptions but… what are your future goals?

Gianluca Tursi – Lastello aims to bring transparency and innovation in the funeral sector, helping people to face the path to the end of life of a loved one: it does so through a web portal and an app that allow you to compare the best funeral agencies in the area, distinguishing them by services, reviews and prices.

This helps people, at a time when they do not have the time and lucidity, to make a more informed choice, saving on average 30% of the costs, and additional stress.

Lastello’s goal is to become a real “companion” in the management of all the needs related to the end of life of a loved one, from the will to the loan, from the choice of the agency to the management of succession.

CRIPTOVALUTA.IT – Recently Lastello has become part of the ecosystem blockchain with the possibility of making a will through this technology. What are the advantages of the Blockchain will for you?

Gianluca Tursi – The blockchain will is a clear and innovative way to protect and enforce your will by taking care of your family.

Making a will with a blockchain means protecting your will by making it tamper-proof, and doing so in an extraordinarily economic way: the cost of a will with a blockchain is less than 100 euros, compared to about 2,000 euros related to the use of a professional.

Interview with Lastello.it - ​​Exclusive Criptovaluta.it
Interview with Lastello.it – ​​Exclusive Criptovaluta.it

Add to this the convenience: you can quickly fill out the online document online, in a safe and transparent, without any defect in form. We are currently still in the process of evaluating development, but the conditions and ambitions are certainly satisfactory.

CRIPTOVALUTA.IT – Pay for funerals with cryptocurrents. Do you think that one day it will be possible?

Gianluca Tursi – I think that one day crypto currencies will become the only existing currencies and therefore it will not be possible but… mandatory to pay with them!

Thank you for your time!

Thanks to you!

Per la versione in italiano dell’intervista clicca qui.

For the italian version of the review clic here.


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